【預購】Heritage 聖誕肉桂結禮盒 Christmas Roll Gift Box - 12/3~1/9出貨

NT$ 550.00

|商品介紹|Introduction |
聖誕肉桂結,手工編織的同心環肉桂卷 (6寸)


Our 6inch handmade Christmas Roll topped with frosting is perfect for gifting or sharing with the family during this Holiday Season!

|食材|Ingredients |

Italian Flour、AOP French Butter,Cinnamon,Brown Sugar。

| 保存期限|
常溫: 兩天 | 冷凍: 五天

The Christmas Roll is baked fresh every morning by our chefs, for best taste, enjoy it within 24 hours or keep at room temperature for 2 days or 5 days in the freezer. Defrost until room temperature & bake for 1-3 minutes at 180 degrees.

1. 12/3 起出貨至1/9,請勿選擇非此區間的日期
2. 每日限量出貨40盒,滿單後則不再接受訂購。
3. 每日中午11:30出貨
4. 有附上Heritage禮盒,食玈插畫藝設計師 Leslie Wang 肉桂結卡片,1包奶油乳酪醬, 袋子。
5. 紅色緞帶及奶油乳酪醬可加購
6. 不提供外縣市宅配服務。

1. Deliveries & In-Store pick-ups start on 12/3 at noon everyday until 1/9.
2. Limited to 40 boxes per day
3. Includes a gift box, a custom designed card by Food Illustrator Leslie Wang, a packet of cream cheese frosting & gift bag.
4. Red ribbon & extra packets of cream cheese frosting are available for purchase as add-ons.
5. Don’t provide delivery services to other counties and cities.